Self-Criticism Poem

My friend self criticism paid a visit today

Convinced me to open the door and welcome her in 

Said I needed her to get the best out of my play

Said she would help me win.

So I let her in and called her friend

She started off polite and wiped her shoes on the rug before coming in

Then slowly began to pick apart my house from end to end

She made me question my space and at myself I cringed

She stayed too long and I tried to kick her out

Instead she put her feet up and wouldn’t stop talking

My joy and my smile slowly turning to a pout

And my body nervously rocking

I doubted every thing I thought I knew

I’m unworthy, I suck, I’m terrible at everything

I tried to fight for what I had heard to be true,

But her voice was so loud and each word left a sting 

Right before I thought maybe I’d give up my house and run away

I heard another knock and panic filled my mind.

I stepped over her legs and walked toward the entryway

Exhausted and fearful of someone else coming to add to the self-inflicting crime.

But to my surprise the person seemed like they could make her leave faster

He looked familiar but I couldn’t quite remember his name 

So I let him in even though the last time I did this it was a disaster

And immediately he rivaled her dominance in this brutal game

All of a sudden it sounded like I had cotton in my ears,

I could no longer make out the syllables coming from her mouth

I think she was shouting out my fears and telling me to compare myself to my peers?

But her words were losing power and no longer pulling me south

He put her feet on the ground and started walking toward the door, 

She couldn’t fight or resist so she just yelled all through my home

I started to feel a warm stream running through my core

Her voice got smaller and smaller as I was finally left alone.

He locked the door behind her and walked over to where I was standing

He asked why I let her stay for such a long while

I told her she tricked me by not seeming too demanding,

And instead of anger across his face I saw a compassionate smile

He said he understood and his presence made me feel safe

The air in the room was no longer heavy and of her there was not a trace

I finally asked what his name was and thanked him for being so brave

And as he opened his mouth to respond, I suddenly remembered he goes by Grace. 

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